Flipping the Switch

What does spirit truly mean to me? What would I do for you?

I'm Listening.

Spirit is synonymous with the word “soul”. When thinking of the term “spirit”, we often think of dress up days and student sections. While those components do make up facets of our school, I want this campaign to not be about those things – I want it to be about the soul of our campus. To me, belonging and unity is the spirit of Branham that I was fascinated by when I came in as a freshman. Belonging means that every group and student on campus has a place that matters and is given back to. Because at the end of the day, what matters is YOU and how you feel when you are at school.

My Three Core Values

1. Testing New Solutions
Addressing the tradition complex by rethinking purpose, cultivating an environment of open-mindedness, and setting authentic precedents. Centering in on a growth mindset by putting We-First over Me-First, restricting confirmation bias, and improving internal ASB organization.
2. Building Belonging
Focusing on what matters most to Branham High School by uniting the bruin family, recognizing all groups on campus, and creating equitable support systems for ALL.
3. Shifting Divisiveness into Diversity
Bridging gaps between the staff, PTSA, and us by representing student interest, communicating, maintaining presence, and bringing staff along on the journey. Sustaining equitable opportunity by ensuring advocacy and reaching out to the underrepresented. Addressing social splits by destigmatizing and celebrating diversity.

Let’s throw away superficiality together and build a tomorrow that is authentic and represents your interests. This is NOT a campaign about ideas. It’s a campaign about making ideas HAPPEN. And those ideas are all about what you need and want.