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Hi, my name is Isha Chander and I am a sophomore at Branham! I am passionate about student advocacy at all levels: in addition to being sophomore and freshman class president in Branham Leadership, I serve as a Northern Regional Director on the California Association of Student Leaders State Board and president of the Branham-Kirk Neighborhood Association. 

My efforts in all work go towards representing student interest and voice.
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"Branham student gets new neighborhood association on its feet"

By Michelle Pitcher from The San Jose Mercury News
Branham High School sophomore Isha Chander is the driving force behind establishing the brand-new Branham-Kirk Neighborhood Association...

Santa Clara County Newsletter, June 2019

Created by Supervisor Susan Ellenberg's Office in the #WeAreD4 Section
With summer approaching, most teens are counting down the days until summer vacation but Isha Chander is counting down to the official recognition of the Branham-Kirk Neighborhood Association...

"San Jose students march through the streets, showing the world they 'aren't afraid'"

From KTVU Fox 2 (San Jose)
'We as students want to show the world that we aren't afraid to standing up to the issues that plague the world which we've grown up in,' said Isha Chander...

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I am an avid tree enthusiast — my favorite holiday is Arbor Day (The Day of the Trees!). I have an apple tree named Marlene that I planted in my backyard on Arbor Day 2018. I am also a plant mom to three lovely children: Jessica the Fiesty Ficus, Tommy, and Ringo. In my free time, I like to sing & play the piano, journal, bake, or drive around. I’m in love with Philz coffee and boba (especially from Boba Guys!). I like to travel, hike, play board games, and spend time with my loved ones. Also, Lorde should’ve won a Grammy in 2018 for Melodrama. 

Where It All Started...

When I was in the fifth grade, I ran to be Student Council President! I wrote my speech to perfection: it was polished and professional. And then… I lost. But I rolled up my sleeves, went back to the speech-writing board, and tried again during the spring. After winning that election, I did all I could to make an impact on my elementary school. I spearheaded a coin drive for the 2015 Nepal earthquakes, tried to start a school newspaper (which some teachers were not in favor of), and sold ice cream bars at daycare to raise money for anti-bullying organizations. Ever since I got involved with initiatives like this in the fifth grade, I knew I had a passion for altruism and helping others.

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