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My Endorsements

The video version of my endorsements will be posted on Instagram (@ishachnder) during campaign week! For now - read parts of their statements here!

I have been lucky enough to watch Isha grow as a leader throughout her time in high school, and I think something really special that she would bring to the table is her genuine love for the Branham community. Isha has a very global mindset and I think that she would really work to improve Branham with the student body's best interests in mind. Isha is incredibly dedicated and passionate about what she cares for, and I think that energy could really benefit Branham in a positive way.
Kylie Delany
Branham High School ASB Vice-President, 2018-2019
What really stands out to me about Isha is how she always goes out of her way to make somebody else's day better. I've always looked up to Isha, even when I didn't know her that well, because it was obvious how genuinely she did care about everyone's well being. That's just one of the many reasons why I think she would excel as ASB President. She has all of my trust that if she does get elected, she would do whatever it takes to improve the school and benefit the student body."
Kushal Dutta
Branham High School Freshman Class President, 2019-2020
I've had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with Isha at multiple cross-school and district-wide events, and I'm always amazed by how she is willing to go the extra mile to promote a welcoming and inclusive community with vast oppertuinities for everyone. You won't regret voting for Isha!
Sanketh Santhosh
Leigh High School ASB President, 2019-2020
A key part of my platform when I was running for school board was elevating student voices to improve campus climate, and Isha is precisely why I believe in that approach. She wants to celebrate diversity, rethink traditions & conventions of ASB, and create a sense of belonging for all students... This is so key to improving the mental health of students and creating an environment where students can thrive socially & academically. Not only is this a bold and progressive vision for the campus, Isha has the chops to get it done... her ability to work with multiple stakeholders -- in this case, parents, staff, and students, is a tremendous opportunity."
Basil Saleh
Branham alummnus (2014), former class president, community organizer, current community relations aide for County Supervisor Susan Ellenberg's office
Throughout my time in leadership, I've gotten to work with Isha in a couple of different ways, and every time has been enlightening... she is so incredibly well spoken, so intelligent, and so thoughtful. She really cares so much about the student body and making sure you guys have the best years at Branham possible. She just has an amazing vision for your whole school.
James Carlton
Leigh High School ASB Vice-President, 2019-2020
Isha is so hardworking: she puts 110% into everything she does, so you know she'll be dedicated to making your voice heard. Just working alongside her at different leadership events... I can see that she has such a great passion for Branham and leadership, and she's so well thought-out and ready to make a positive impact at your school. So if you're ready for a 2020-2021 school year that rocks... vote Isha!
Isabel Morimoto
Leigh High School ASB Vice-President, 2020-2021/ Sophomore Class President, 2019-2020