Value One

Testing New Solutions

"Let’s break out a map. Not the old out of date one that shows where we’ve been, but a crisp new one that shows where we might go."
--Leslie Knope
"Parks and Recreation"
Addressing the Tradition Complex

Right now, we are facing an uncertain time in our history. It feels directionless and confusing. I also feel the same way. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures, and it’s now up to us to make our remaining time at Branham count. We are all comfortable and used to doing things a certain way with a certain checklist and agenda. But what if we reinvent the checklist and turn it into poetry? What if we are remembered for the ways we showed ingenuity in a time where everyone felt like there was nowhere else to turn than the road frequently traveled? 

It’s up to us to chart a new terrain where everyone truly belongs. The “tradition complex” is a paradigm that I’ve observed; although tradition is valuable, we can sometimes feel restricted by the comfortability it poses. But now, more than ever, is the time we can rise up and disrupt comfortability with kindness and ingenuity. 

What does addressing the tradition complex mean?

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If our “why” is to include students in our campus, is our current plan of action effective? Our tasks shouldn’t be checklist-based, they should work to invent ways that we can keep up with the current needs of students. This is the first action item because it is the groundwork to all the succeding information in this platform. With this in mind, we can effectively address the issues that matter most to students and build unity. Methodical and reflective thought processes at the core of our beliefs are the key to creating a student body that best serves you.

Often, students hear the phrase “But that’s the way we’ve always done it”. School is a place that should provide for you, and the way that things are done should tailor to your needs. The ASB Spirit class would be a place where students are accepted and their feedback is appreciated. Personally, as a president, I would be willing to sit down with any student, parent, or staff to have coffee and chat about how we can streamline things in a manner that allows open sharing. More about this one under “Growth Mindset”!

This is the first year of our ASB Spirit class, and its function should work to bring all students on the journey of Branham’s spirit. That means our class is here as your support through all of your endeavors – you are always a bruin, after all. As a new spirit-focused class, we are here to focus on events and initiatives that involve YOU. All students should feel like they are a part of our bruin family and that there is always a comforting smile and shoulder whenever they need it. When reading the rest of this platform, please keep this in mind: the ideas and precedents presented are for your benefit, and if you ever feel like they aren’t or there is something missing, Branham High School should be a place that authentically addresses those feelings.

Centering in on Growth Mindset

An important thing to note is that testing a new solution doesn’t mean throwing out what works – it means we need to build upon what works. The core of new solutions means that we can create something beautiful using many various tactics. The growth mindset is  being able to expand on the ideas of many and creating an environment of intentional listening. Tying back into the “Tradition Complex”, this means that our campus is an open place for representation and love.  

What are the steps to center in on a growth mindset?

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ASB shouldn’t be self serving— it should be serving you. Self servitude doesn’t move us in a forward direction (especially after times like these). One of my goals as president is to represent the interests of all students in our activities to ensure that we are recognizing all of the contributions on Branham’s campus. Our initiatives are meant to tailor to the benefit of the group rather than just the benefit of our group!

Confirmation bias is when populations seek to confirm their belief about something. When speaking in terms of Branham, I want to work to limit the effect of ASB students stereotyping other groups and therefore not fully listening to their input. When we put listening filters in our conversations, we aren’t able to learn the most we can from them.  Every student brings valuable contributions to Branham, and by recognizing this fact first and foremost, ASB students will be able to more effectively serve the school. 

This is one that I am really passionate about. Obviously, there are amazing components of the program that have impacted me for the better (precisely the reason I decided to pursue this position!). After serving two years in Branam leadership, I have noticed various aspects of the program I would love to apply a growth mindset to and expand upon so that we can truly prioritize developing great leaders. First, I want to develop more activities for meaningful check-ins to ensure that we are sustaining mental health. I would also want to create opportunities at the start of the year for leaders to learn necessary skills for their term (such as publicity, technology, and functionality tutorials as well as general leadership lessons). Since this is also the first year, our class would be able to pioneer together to come to consensus about what our brand as a spirit class would be. I would also work to boost morale within the class by having everyone do activities (like writing letters to themselves) that would remind us all of our purpose and drive in creating a better tomorrow for Branham. We can also look into publicity methods that benefit everyone and aren’t a nuisance. Since next year is also the first year we are having two ASB classes, I want to prioritize collaboration being the core of our two executive board teams. I have more specific ideas for this action item and only went over them briefly here, so if you’re applying for the class next year, please reach out and we can talk about them more in depth!